A Model for Corporate
Health Behavior Change                                                                                                           

Employee Wellness Coaching was developed by Guiding Mindful Change


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Guiding Mindful Change (GMC) employee wellness coaching is designed to assist employees in the identification of health and wellness goals in order to initiate and sustain action plans and provides accountability for change. GMC corporate wellness coaching employs highly skilled coaches who have been certified in the GMC methodology.

Employees who are healthier and more focused become more productive in the workplace, therefore, positively affecting the bottom line in corporate health care costs.  GMC is presently providing wellness coaching for employees nationwide at Fortune 100 companies. With four years of partnership, GMC has demonstrated effectiveness and cost efficiency gains for these companies.


The GMC Employee Wellness Coaching model has proven data on:

    * Sustained health behavior change
    * Improved employee work/life balance
    * Increased productivity
    * Decreased use of health care services


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Billie Frances, MA - Founder Contact us to set up an in-person or telephone interview to assess your needs and find out if Employee Wellness Coaching complements your wellness program. (619) 297-7542

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