Proven Results

GMC believes in investing in the integrity of its program by building in systems to track its effectiveness for employees and employers. This tracking is done through administering reports consisting of pre-test and post-test assessments as well as participant satisfaction surveys.

Corporations will receive comprehensive impact reports regarding the effectiveness of GMC employee wellness coaching as it relates to employee health and behavior change.

Components include:

    * Side by side pre and post assessment results
    * Participation evaluation (ratings 1-5 and comments)
    * Comparison of the number of sessions received and its effectiveness

Additionally, corporations will receive ongoing updated information regarding participant statistics including:

    * How many enrolled vs. how many actively receiving coaching
    * Number of coaching sessions received
    * How many participants completed each level of program


2004 Impact Summary

2005 Impact Summary

2006 Impact Summary

2007 Impact Summary

2008 Impact Summary

2009 Impact Summary

2010 Impact Summary

Detailed annual Impact Reports available upon request to


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