09/30/2008 02:55

Inspiring Testimonial

“You have helped me put things in perspective, with respect to work/life/health/family, and I am feeling good about getting out for a run once a week (which I have been able to do most weeks) and walking after lunch at work more frequently. I am also able to pull the plug at work in the evening and make it home in time to see the kids before bed most days, by reminding myself that that is just as important as doing a good job at work. So thank you for that!”

What more could I ask for?  Expanded awareness, measurable action and a new perspective!  This is what motivates me.  This is the “why” of my work.  And, it is proof that one-to-one connections, respectful listening and powerful questions support sustainable change.

In our high-tech, fast-paced world, too many of my days are filled with email, meetings and data.  Yet my best “breakthroughs” seem to happen when I’m just being rather than doing.  How refreshing to take a few minutes to be alone and quiet or to talk with my own coach about my life and well-being.

Yet people in “transformation” work have a challenge…how to consistently balance our own lives!  I like to make a difference and I like to have fun.  How do other “change agents” do it?  Nurses, parents, teachers, coaches, therapists – how do you take care of your own needs?  What else supports work-life balance for busy, caring professionals?


Billie Frances

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