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Billie Frances, MA

Billie Frances, MA



As an experienced therapist, teacher and manager, Billie Frances gained expertise in personal and professional coaching skills in 1996 and successfully established a coaching practice working with corporate employees and motivated business owners who want personal and professional fulfillment and strategies for sustainable change. In addition to individual and business clients, Billie is a contractor and consultant for the YMCA and facilitates numerous courses including Couple Talk and Awareness to Action. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, 2007 President of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance, multi-year presenter at the National Wellness Conference and a consultant and presenter for the YMCA. In 2001, Billie authored "Mindful Coaching: A Process of Fulfillment" for readers who want to expand their personal and professional fulfillment using the mindful change process. This chapter appears in Wise Women Speak: 20 Ways to Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones.

Mindful Coach Certification, founded by Billie in 2000, promotes life-enhancing change for over 400 coaches and their clients nation-wide and internationally. Qualified professionals join this exclusive, accelerated coach training program to learn how to empower change using the methodologies, strategies and tools of mindful coaching and how to expand their practices in business, academic, hospital, one-to-one and group settings. Students also learn business building strategies and gain real-life experience through an empowering, income-generating, supervised practicum. The program is delivered nationwide through a combination of on-site weekend seminars and weekly teleclasses.

As the Founder of the Employee Wellness Coaching program, Billie trains and supervises select Certified Mindful Coaches who provide wellness coaching to enhance employee well-being and reduce corporate healthcare costs. Since 2004, the Network of Mindful Coaches has been the wellness coaching partner to thousands of employees within Fortune 100 corporations. Participants report significant improvement in sustained behavior change, reduction of risk factor prevalence, increased utilization of wellness resources, increased productivity and decreased use of the health care services.

Billie lives in San Diego, CA.

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