Coaching Defined

Coaches work with people who are seeking focus, strategies and motivation and ask how to questions. The primary focus of coaching is on actions and the future and assisting the coachee in identifying, prioritizing and implementing choices.

The coach supports coachees first to discover their purpose and goals and then take to action toward them. A coach accomplishes this by listening, by supporting what is working, by being enthusiastic and sincere, by helping the coachee identify and resolve roadblocks and by using powerful requests and accountability.

The coaching relationship is confidential, safe and empowering.

Roles & Responsbilities

The Coachee

    * Willingness to focus attention on making real changes in health behavior
    * Defines, clarifies and commits to specific goals and action steps.
    * Helps lead the session; comes prepared and lets the coach know what is working and not working in the coaching relationship.
    * Agrees to commit to the principles of accountability, honesty and respect.
    * Selects a workable coaching schedule and endeavors to keep coaching appointments.

The Coach

    * Helps the coachee to discover and clarify health and wellness goals.
    * Supports the coachee in defining and designing specific action steps.
    * Asks questions to assess the level of the coachee’s commitment to the action.
    * Monitor progress in attaining goals.
    * Respects the coachee’s willingness to be truthful and keeps all information strictly confidential
    * Focuses the coachee on commitments.
    * Commits to the principles of accountability, honesty and respect

The Coaching Structure

Personalized telephonic wellness coaching sessions for corporate employees are arranged at the convenience of the employee and include the following:

    * Pre-program assessment
    * 10 minute orientation
    * 45 minute foundational coaching session
    * 6-20 minute wellness coaching sessions
    * 10 minute post-program assessment
    * Participant satisfaction survey

The Coaching Process

The GMC Wellness Coaching program is a 7-step health behavior change model targeted to meet the specific needs of corporations to improve employee wellness.

This proven model was developed by Guiding Mindful Change (GMC), a leader in health and wellness coaching training and programs.

Rather than affecting all segments of employees’ lives, coaches narrow in on health and wellness using the 7-step formula coaching method:

   1. Assess areas of health and wellness employees wish to improve
   2. Explore options for change
   3. Ascertain perceived benefits for change
   4. Identify barriers and obstacles
   5. Develop a personalized action plan to overcome barriers and achieve objectives
   6. Identify supports for sustainability
   7. Provide accountability


How employees enter into the wellness coaching program is at the discretion of the company and may include:

  1. Company sponsored health screening
  2. Employee Assistance Program
  3. Incentive/Reward program
  4. Human Resources Department

GMC employee wellness coaching has proven to be effective with a wide range of employee positions, from corporate leaders to administrative assistants.

You choose how your company can best benefit from the successful effects of wellness coaching.

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